Tuesday, January 26, 2021

MUSIC: More on camera compatibility

In addition to flagging that I've tweaked MUSIC to make the Quick Access (QA) more robust and fixing a couple of bugs, I'm going to highlight a few things that will need changing as you use MUSIC on different cameras.

But first, a big 'hats off' to the ML developers, especially a1ex. 


Because trying to get a piece of code/script running on different cameras is a nightmare!

I say this, although I'm only trying to get a script running on a EOS 5D3 and an M. I'm sure I would go insane if I was trying to get one of my scripts running on every camera that can run ML.

Some of the reasons why it's difficult to ensure code/scripts are cross platform compatible are:

  • Not all cameras have the same buttons/keys
  • Some cameras have touch screens some don't
  • Not all cameras respond identically to Lua commands, eg setting ISO seems to be different on my 5D3 compared to my M, ie on my 5D3 if I ask for ISO 800 in Lua, I get that, on my my M I get a sightly different ISO, eg 1000.

So, as I say, kudos to all the main developers.

Now a word on the EOS M and tweaking my MUSIC script for your camera.

On the 5D3 MUSIC script I recommend setting double half shutter as the ETTR trigger, then setting the QA button to SET, and the hand held use case (ISO invariance) ISO trigger to 1600.

Whereas on the EOS M MUSIC script I recommend setting SET as the ETTR trigger, then setting the QA button as one finger touch, and the hand held (ISO invariance) ISO trigger at 800 (although you will likely get 1000).

On other cameras you will need to explore the options yourself. I've added comments in the script (at the beginning) to help you adjust script settings for your camera.

Bottom line: I realise that I'm likely the only lucky person on the planet using MUSIC and DOFIS :-) :-) 

However, as I have said elsewhere, I write my scripts for myself, but openly share my work/thoughts/pain!

Bottom-Bottom line: stay safe and away from the mutating pestilence and ever increasing stupidity in the World!

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