Monday, January 25, 2021

MUSIC: extending its repertory

I wrote MUSIC around use cases to give me an easy way to account for the various times I find myself needing to adjust Canon and ML settings. Essentially, MUSIC use cases may be seen as user adjustable presets.

The latest use case I'm covering is a two-image, zero noise exposure bracketing strategy.

The so-called Zero Noise bracketing approach comes from an idea posted by Guillermo Luijk in 2007. 

The idea is a natural fit with ML's RAW-based ETTR. That is, ETTR for the highlights, say using an 0.1% ignore value and SNRs off, and take an additional +4Ev exposure for the shadows. 

The ZN bracketing will cover most scenes, other than extreme dynamic range ones.

Post processing may be carried out many ways, for example using LR's HDR merge, or LR/Enfuse or exporting to Photoshop and using luminosity controlled layer masks or even using Blend-If.

The ZN MUSIC menu looks like this:

Here we see the new ZN bracketing use case options, namely: introduce a delay before running the script; add bookends, although in this case two images next to each other at +4Ev apart stand out, so bookends may not be required; and, of course, you can enable quick access, which allows you rerun the script by doing a long SET/UNPRESS-SET, ie until you hear MUSIC beep.

I'll keep posting information about my personal MUSIC developments. Plus if anyone has any ideas for other use cases, please let me know.


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