Thursday, January 21, 2021

MUSIC: Camera compatability

Up until now, I tried to account for different cameras in my MUSIC script. I did this as I could only test MUSIC on the cameras I have.

I've now removed such tests and thus the MUSIC script will/should run on any ML camera.

Having said that, there are a couple of caveats:

  • MUSIC, like DOFIS, has certain features that move a lens. On a 5D3 this lens movement goes pretty well, ie relatively fast. On my EOSM, Lua can't drive an EFM lens and although it may drive an EF lenses, ie via an adapter, it does this very slowly. So I recommend, on some cameras, not using the features that require the lens to be driven, ie the slow ones;
  • MUSIC uses FRSP but you will need to 'tune it' for your camera. For example, on my 5D3 I find an FRSP delay of 1000ms works, but on my EOSM I need to change this, in the MUSIC menu, to 2000ms.
Bottom line: both MUSIC and DOFIS will/should run on any ML camera that can run the latest Lua Fix (2020-12-28 version) and, in the case of MUSIC, has a silent module that can be switched on. MUSIC will still run on a camera without a silent module: just don't use the FRSP feature ;-)

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