Monday, January 18, 2021

A post for the non-Canon users

As regular readers will know, this blog is biased towards Canon Magic Lantern users, but built on a technical foundation that is agnostic to the type of camera you shoot with.

Both DOFIS, the ML script aimed at focus and exposure bracketing, and MUSIC, the ML script aimed at non exposure and focus bracketing, eg for super resolution, noise reduction, long exposures and people elimination, are scripts that simply automate processes that every photographer can do.

Thus for focus every photographer should be aware of the Rule of Ten to estimate the hyperfocal in their head, and the odd/even rule that guides you where to re-focus when landscape focus bracketing.

As for multishot image bracketing for Super Resolution (SR), Noise Reduction (NR), Long Exposures (LE) and People Elimination (PE), then my merge Photoshop script will come in useful, unless you love processing smart object with statistics ;-)

Bottom line: although I write my blog for my personal enjoyment, ie a cathartic record of my photographic journey, and thus it is biased towards Canon Magic Lantern (and CHDK users), it is, nevertheless, built on a technical foundation that should be of interest to any photographer that shots with a digital camera, or even a film camera, eg the RoT is a general rule.

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