Friday, August 16, 2019

Thank You Adobe

For anyone processing brackets, you will know about 'the trick' of going into the Library module, repeatedly selecting your bracket sets and using (PC) Alt-G to place them in a stack. Once in a stack you could then run LR/EnFuse in batch mode: but Lightroom's HDR merge did not recognise the stacks!

Thus you had to individually send each stack to LR's HDR Merge...until now.

Lightroom's latest release now includes a batch mode functionality for its merge tool, so you can batch process exposure brackets.

As a simple test, I took an exposure and focus stack with my EOSM3, using my CHDK M3 script.

I set the camera to F/8 at 11mm and (inadvertently) left the camera on ISO1000. Using the CHDK histogram I set an ETTR base exposure, set up the script to focus stack from the lens minimum focus and to take an additional (Zero Noise) exposure, at each focus, at +4Ev. Finally I set the overlap to 20 microns (which established the hyperfocal in the script, H) and the infinity shot to 3 x H, ie an infinity shot at about 7 microns.

This resulted in 6 focus brackets, four from the lens focus minimum to about H/3, one at H and one at 3H.

After ingesting into LR I first put each of the 6 focus bracketed exposure sets into a stack. Then I selected the 6 stacks and selected the LR HDR merge, which, with its new functionality, created 6 HDR images, that is one for each focus point.

This was followed by a round trip to Helicon Focus and voila I ended up with the, non ISO100, test shot.

As I say, thank you Adobe.

Postscript: here is another test image, this time at ISO100 ;-). Only needed 8 images, ie 4 focus brackets, each with 2 exposures.

Postscript-Postscript: and what the 12mm Rokinon Fisheye sees from the same position, defished with FishEye-Hemi.

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