Sunday, September 1, 2019

Further thoughts on 'virtual' 645 Photography

Previously I have written about the Vizelex RhinoCam, that allows me to use Mamiya 645 lenses with my crop sensor EOSM.

With the recent update to Lightroom, I thought I would see if this version coped better than the previous version, when stitching the 645 panos.

I used my 35mm Mamiya lens and focused at just beyond the hyperfocal, noting that at this format the 'just acceptable', circle of confusion is some 48 microns, compared to about 30 microns on my full frame 5D3.

I framed the image using the viewing screen (which is upside down of course) and, using Magic Lantern, set Dual-ISO and then ETTRed for the highlights. I switched between the various ML states using my Cycler script.

The eight base images looked like this, after ingesting into Lightroom and Dual-ISO processing:

I next selected the eight images for stitching and used the LR pano merge feature, which after a bit of LR tweaking resulted in this 645 image, ie taken through a 645 lens at full field of view coverage, resulting in a 12300x9670 image (scaled to 6000x4714 here).

Bottom line:just because you have a cropped sensor camera, ie an EOSM, it doesn't restrict you to exploring other camera formats, all the way up to 645 :-)

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