Sunday, August 11, 2019

Fisheye doesn't mean super distorted

As I mentioned the Rokinon (or Samyang) 12mm Fisheye in the last post, I thought I would say a few more words about this bargain of a lens, which looks like this:

As I previously said, its field of view is 180 degrees on a full frame, so what does that look like, out of the lens (BTW these are just handheld snaps that I just took to show the FOV):

The fisheye distortion can be clearly seem, but after using Fisheye-Hemi, which corrects for the verticals, you get this:

Note how well Fisheye-Hemi does in protecting the FOV.

As a further comparison, let's look at what a 12mm shot looks like from my 12-24mm WA Sigma lens: taken from the same sitting position.

Chalk and cheese.

Bottom line: if you haven't got a fisheye lens, I can certainly recommend the Rokinon option. It's fun and can produce some great looking images, especially in tight corners.

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  1. I have the 8MM version, times are I like the curved version and other times I like the un-distorted version. Thanks for showing!