Sunday, December 14, 2014

Just because I (now) can!

Snow hit us today and I had an excuse to carry on with my indoor A6000 experiments. So I wondered how the A6000 would cope with my Canon 24mm TS-E lens?

The set-up looks like this:

All shift combinations seemed possible, however, due to the close proximity of the adapter tripod foot to the TS-E, adjusting some of the TS-E knobs was tight at times.

I decided to take a full sweep shift sequence, with redundancy. That is a +/- 12mm shift at each of the 9 rotation positions. That is a 27 image capture.

One problem I did face, and didn’t have the time to correct, was that I nudged the TS-E focus ring through the sequence, ie because of the shift knob’s proximity to the adapter. The learning point here is that one needs to be really careful when shifting and rotating the TS-E lens.

The result is that this particular stitched image shows a few ‘soft areas’.

I threw the 27 images at Autopano Giga and rendered the resultant pano as a TIFF, that is a massive 12318x10181, 645 Mb TIFF! Here’s a JPEG of the TIFF, showing the image space created by using the TS-E.


Using the 24mm TS-E on the 1.5 crop A6000 sensor results in an apparent image taken at a focal length of 11.9mm.

Bottom line: There doesn’t seem to be anything I can’t do with the A6000!

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