Saturday, March 11, 2023

Flat Pano Stitching with the EOS R

In previous posts I covered how I capture digital 617-class panoramic images, using Mamiya 645 lenses, in conjunction with my EOS M cameras, using them as digital backs, and either rotational or flat stitching.

In this post I'll discuss how I use my EOS R camera body with a Fotodiox Pro TLT ROKR Tilt/Shift Lens Mount Adapter, attached to my Mamiya 645 lenses:


Placing the full frame EOS R camera in landscape mode, and shifting left and right, to the adapter's extremes, giving a total shift of 31mm, results in a near perfect 617 format after stitching. For example, this image (12450 x 4395) was taken with my 45mm Mamiya lens:

If required it is a simple matter to extend the capture vertically by tilting (I used my Acra-Swiss d4 geared head in this case), to capture six images, ie two rows of three:

This (non-pano) medium format class image, taken with my Mamiya 150mm lens, ended up at 9139 x 5712.

So there you have it, there are multiple ways to capture digital 645 image sets, for stitching in post, to achieve various formats. 

As usual I welcome any comments on this post or any of my posts. 

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