Monday, August 30, 2021

M3 Landscape Bracketing Script: minimum focus to focus position mode

Just a short post to say I've updated my M3 bracketing script to include a new auto focus mode, to cover when you wish to focus bracket from the minimum focus distance of the lens, to a fixed point. For example, when you don't want a sharp image throughout the scene.

To enable the new feature simply select it in the menu. But remember the caveat with this script, it’s not designed for macro focus bracketing at high magnification.

Once selected, to use this new mode simply:

  • Set the lens to the minimum focus and focus the camera on the nearest part of the object of interest, ie by moving the camera - the front of the tea bag in the example below;
  • Then move focus, with the lens, to the far part of the object of interest, ie the top of the tea bag in this example;
  • Then run the script.

To get an estimate of the number of focus brackets, simply take note of the difference between the number of brackets reported at each focus station, ie the minimum and the farthest focus point of interest.

Finally, you can also use sky bracketing with the new Min2X feature.

In this example, shot at F/4 at an 11mm focal length, the script took 6 images, which I processed in Helicon Focus:

As usual I welcome any feedback on this post or any of my posts.

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