Monday, April 12, 2021

M3 Bracketing Update

Just a quick post to say I've tidied up the code in my M3 Bracketing script and added a new menu item:

#help = 0 "Console" {Off On}

The new menu items allows the user to switch the (single line) console on or off, to show M3 Bracketing help items. Once users are comfortable with using M3 Bracketing, they will likely switch this help off.

The  help field is only visible in the LCD, ie not the EVF.

As before, if the top info bar disappears, simply refocus in ALT or non-ALT mode. Alternatively press the RIGHT button in ALT mode.

You should do a RIGHT press, in ALT mode, after changing focal length or exposure, ie to reset M3 Bracketing.

I've now moved the focal length to the top info bar:

In the above we see the new layout in the top info bar, showing we are using a focal length of 14mm, we are focused at 710mm, the near DoF is at 480mm, the infinity blur is at 32um, and M3 Bracketing is telling us we will need to take at least 2 focus brackets to get to the hyperfocal.

In the above we see M3 Bracketing running in non ALT mode, where we can adjust the camera, look at the histogram and capture an image. Pressing the ALT button will return us to ALT mode, with M3 Bracketing still running and ready to carry out a focus bracket capture.

As usual I welcome any feedback on M3 Bracketing, or any of my posts.

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