Tuesday, April 13, 2021

M3 Bracketing: fighting the Canon UI

As CHDK Lua or BASIC scripters will know, trying to maintain a clean UI, as you go in and out of ALT mode, and change the Canon interface, eg PLAY mode or display the Canon menus etc, is not a perfect science ;-)

In the latest version of M3 Bracketing, I've done the best I can to keep the M3 Bracketing and Canon UI synced, eg:

  • The script automatically senses the LCD or the EVF
  • Doesn't display the info bar in Canon PLAY mode
  • Shouldn't display the info bar in Canon MENU mode
  • Shouldn't be used with Canon histogram, ie you will get flashing, but is OK with the CHDK histogram

I personally switch off the single line console help, from the M3 Bracketing menu, but this option is down to the user. In assess mode, all the help line does is remind you about the buttons.

If the script is running and the bar 'disappears', then try one of the following:

  • Whether you are in ALT mode of not, pressing the ALT button on and off should recover the info bar
  • If in ALT mode, pressing the RIGHT button will recover the bar and carry out a reset, which is a necessary action if you change focal length and/or aperture etc
  • Switch between the LCD and the EVF, eg wave your hand in front of the EVF 

Also in the latest version I've split out the sky/infinity bracketing option into a new menu item, and added a check to warn you if you are requesting both exposure bracketing and a sky bracket: which you can't do ;-)

Remember the sky/infinity bracket feature works whatever you are doing, ie focus bracketing of taking an image at a single focus position.

As usual, I welcome any feedback from others using M3 Bracketing, especially ideas to make it better and/or more stable.

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