Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The EOSM: The traveller's friend

If you trawl the Magic Lantern forum these days you would think that ML is just for videographers, trying to get the highest FPS they can, at the largest cinematic looking crop ;-)

However, ML continues to be incredible technology for the photographer, especially those looking to travel light, eg with an EOSM.

For me, although I have a normal EOSM and an (720nm) IR converted EOSM; my travel choice is my full spectrum converted EOSM (FS-EOSM), coupled to a set of four 72mm filters covering the following potential uses:

  • A Formatt Hitech UV/IR to change the FS-EOSM into a visible band camera;
  • A 720nm filter to change the FS-EOSM into an IR camera;
  • An ND 'fader' filter to dial in an ND for LE photography
  • A CPL filter.

As for handling, add on a cage and a handle and you have a robust package.

Finally, for the low level shooting fans, I don't think you can go wrong with a Niceyrig flip screen mirror:

Which on my FS-EOSM, taking an image on the floor, looks like this:

The flip screen allows me to compose and even use ML, including DOFIS for focus bracketing, albeit Left-Right reversed; even when the camera is on the floor. Note ML can invert the ML overlays vertically, but sadly not laterally.

Bottom line: although ML these days has many posts on videography, the humble photographer, looking for a portable powerhouse, can't go far wrong with a Full Spectrum converted EOSM, and a few extra gadgets and gizmos.

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