Monday, March 1, 2021

DOFIS: Now Full Spectrum Friendly

Just a quick post to say that DOFIS has a new menu that is designed for those that shoot with a Full Spectrum or an Infra Red sensor conversion, where you need to tweak the diffraction model to match the frequency spectrum you are covering.

Here we see the new menu item, which simply switches the diffraction frequency between two settings: one to cover a unconverted visible sensor and a full spectrum conversion, and one to cover a IR conversion or a full spectrum conversion with an IR cut filter. The DOFIS code uses 550nm and 850nm respectively; but you can change these in the script as required.

Finally, here is a handheld test shot I just took with my full spectrum EOSM, at 11mm with an 720nm filter, at an ISO of 100, f/5.6 and at an ML ETTR shutter of 1/200. Focus was set to just over the hyperfocal, using DOFIS, of course, with Diffraction Aware and IR Freq both switched on.

As usual I welcome any feedback on my DOFIS or MUSIC scripts.

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