Wednesday, February 3, 2021

MUSIC: Use Case 9 - Auto bracketing from a metered shadow exposure

A quick post to say I've added another use case (UC9) to MUSIC. This one will auto capture an optimum exposure set from a metered shadow exposure.

As with all MUSIC use cases, once set up, you can trigger the new use case outside of the MUSIC menu by using your selected trigger button, eg I use a long SET press on my 5D3 and a long 1-finger press on my EOSM.

The UC9 menu looks like this:

Here we see you can: set a delay at the start, which isn't needed if using bookends; set quick access on, so you can keep repeating UC9 by doing a long press of your trigger key; and set the delta Ev between images (1-4 Ev).

As a demo (home) example of UC9's use, I composed my 5D3, set the aperture; used DOFIS to set the infinity blur I wished to use and confirmed the DoFs were ok, once again through the DOFIS LV feedback; set a delta Ev of 2; and switched on bookends and QA.

Then, in LV, I used the ML (RAW) spotmeter to set the shutter for the selected shadow area where I wish to ensure a captured detail.

I then simply did a long press of the SET button, to initiate UC9.

Note that UC9 uses ML's advanced bracketing, but you do not need to have this switched on and UC9 always leaves AB off.

The captured bracket set, without bookends, looked like this in Lightroom:

I then decided to use LR/Enfuse to bring the bracket set together in LR, then tweaked a few sliders, to get this final image:

Bottom line: I find this new MUSIC use case fits well with my needs and will ensure I capture a perfect exposure bracket set each time I need to: once set up in MUSIC, without touching Magic Lantern's menu, ie simply metering with ML’s spotmeter on the shadow area of interest and doing a long press to capture my bracket set. 

As usual I welcome any feedback on this post or any of my posts.

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