Wednesday, October 28, 2020

DOFIS: Resolution FoM tweak

Just a quick post to say I've tweaked the algorithm in DOFIS that provides a figure of merit to show how resolution changes as you adjust focus and aperture.

In the latest version, the overall resolution is estimated by continuing to assume a perfect lens, ie the glass resolution is not considered the governing element of the overall system resolution.

The overall system resolution (R), in lp/mm, is estimated from:

Where S is the theoretical maximum resolution of the sensor in lp/mm and D is the MTF50 diffraction based resolution at aperture N and focus x, ie changing magnification. This estimate may be viewed in the DOFIS menu under Info.

The resolution FoM, in %, that is displayed on the LV, is 100*(R at N,x)/(R at min N, ie wide open, and infinity)): as shown in the last post.


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