Sunday, September 6, 2020

DOFIS: Now works with ML Advanced Bracketing

In this post I'm releasing the latest iteration of DOFIS, which is now compatible with Magic Lantern’s Advanced Bracketing.

To achieve this compatibility, I've introduced two auto focus bracketing modes. 

The full auto focus bracketing will focus bracket, from x (x<H) to H, and take a single image (Dual-ISO or not) at each focus station. DOFIS will disable advanced bracketing in this mode.

The semi auto focus bracketing will 'simply' refocus the lens to the next focus position towards infinity, as long as you are focused less than the hyperfocal (H). In the semi auto mode you can thus use ML advanced bracketing, or Canon bracketing.

As before, pressing the trigger key (I use the RATE key on the 5D3), will start the selected focus bracketing.

A word of warning, as we are using focus models. The equations begin to breakdown at longer focal lengths, as the Canon focus resolution feedback, that ML uses, becomes too coarse. For this reason I've built in a warning flag at focal length of 50mm or greater (when full auto focus bracketing), that shows you the number of brackets that DOFIS is estimating. But, it is only a warning ;-)

In full auto mode, DOFIS attempts, but it’s not perfect, to manage the errors that may occur at longer focal lengths. Thus if DOFIS prematurely terminates auto focusing with an error beep, it is likely because the focal length is too long.

In either full or semi mode, if your lens starts doing 'wacky stuff', simply switch off the camera and rethink what you are doing.

The new menus look like this:


In the top image we see DOFIS is alerting you that you may be using too long a focal length for focus bracketing, ie you are greater than 50mm, and DOFIS is alerting you that you will be taking around 36 focus brackets. As I say, it's your choice ;-)

In the bottom menu we see the new semi auto focus bracketing mode has been selected and that DOFIS is reminding you what the trigger key is.

In the semi auto mode, every time you press your trigger key, the lens will be re-positioned to the next focus position, where you can carry out any capture sequence you wish, eg exposure bracketing.

The new semi auto focus mode should be a feature that every landscape photography leaves on.

As usual I welcome any feedback on this post and DOFIS.

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