Sunday, September 6, 2020


In previous posts I've restricted my DOFIS remarks to my 5D3. In this post, I'll say a few words about DOFIS and the EOSM.

As long as you are running an ML build with the latest Lua fix module, DOFIS should run on your ML enabled camera, but there are caveats.

For example, on some EOS/EF-lens cameras, DOFIS auto mode may be (very, very) slow, eg relative to, say, how DOFIS moves lenses on a 5D3.

As for the EOSM, DOFIS will run on the EOSM, ie giving you DoF feedback etc,  eg I have it running on my IR converted EOSM, but ML Lua can not drive an EF-M lens; and, although it will drive an EF lens, my experience is it is not usable, ie way too slow.

I suggest that when you register a lens on the EOSM, either EF-M, EF or EF-S, you disable the drive, as below, ie:

--Lens #3
mylens[3] = {}
mylens[3][1] = "EF-M11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM" -- lens name
mylens[3][2] = 0.3 -- Mag
mylens[3][3] = 150 -- FD
mylens[3][4] = 22 -- FL at Mag (use longest FL on a zoom)
mylens[3][5] = 0 -- ML can't drive EFM lenses

I therefore recommend that you do not use any auto focus bracketing, ie full or semi, on the EOSM, or any camera that sluggishly drives lenses. That is, just use the DOFIS manual focus bracketing feedback and switch the auto focus to off and/or set the registered drive direction to zero.

As an example of what can be done with DOFIS on the EOSM, here is a focus bracket test I just took with my IR converted EOSM. 

I set the aperture to f/6.3, to minimise the diffraction as much as possible and stay in the lens 'sweet spot', I used ML to ETTR to 1/30s at ISO100. I used diffraction aware in DOFIS, with an ML CoC set to the standard (APS-C) 19 microns.

I focused near the minimum of the lens and DOFIS indicated I would need 9 focus brackets to get to the hyperfocal. In fact, doing manual focus bracketing, and backing off until DOFIS showed a positive focus overlap, I ended up taking 11 images, including an infinity shot.

I ingested the images into Lightroom, prepped them for focus stacking, did a round trip to Helicon focus, and toned the stacked image back in Lightroom:

As usual I welcome any feedback on DOFIS.

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