Sunday, May 19, 2019

Focus on Flax

As I mainly post about technical stuff, I thought I’d upload an image of a field of flax near where we live. It was taken with my 5D3 and a Sigma 12-24mm at 12mm. 

The exposure was set via Magic Lantern ETTR at 1/200s. I had Dual-ISO switched on at 100/1600 and the aperture was set at f/8. 

I set the lens to the minimum focus distance of 280mm and let my auto focus bracketing script do the rest. 

After processing the Dual-ISO in Lightroom, I sent three images over to Photoshop and used layer masks to blend the images, after first auto aligning. 

After returning to Lightroom, I finished off the image, including selectively using the new texture slider both positively, for the field, and negatively, for the sky. 

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