Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another Hand Held Bracketing Example

A simple post of another image from my Winchester Cathedral trip. Once again showing the power of my new (auto) Hand Held Bracketing script.

In this capture the script decided to take the following bracket set with the Irix 11mm lens set at F/5.6:
  • ISO 100 @ 1/250s
  • ISO 800 @ 1/250s
  • ISO 6400 @ 1/250s
  • ISO 6400 @ 1/30s
  • ISO 6400 @ 1/125s
After ingesting into Lightroom, doing a lens correction on each image, followed by an HDR Merge, I used Auto Tone in the Basic Panel to establish a starting point for a few more tweaks.

I then did a round trip to Photoshop, where I used one of my favorite filters to bring out some local contrast detail, namely NEXT from www.knowhowtransfer.com

I must say, as I was hand holding, I'm personally pleased with the image. What do you think for a hand held capture?

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