Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Yet another update of the Focus Bar

As readers of my blog know, I post for cathartic reasons and in the hope that others may benefit from my slow progress in becoming a better photographer.

Ever since I started writing Magic Lantern Lua scripts, I've 'suffered' from not being able to dynamically handle the Lua drawing with the Canon drawing.

In the latest version of the Focus Bar (FB) script (download on the right), I've decided to adopt a different approach.

In this version of the script the FB is hidden at start-up.

To expose the FB all you need to do is a greater than 3 sec halfshutter press: the camera's led will flash. To hide the FB simply do another greater than 3 sec halfshutter press.

Thus you can turn the FB display on and off, allowing you to cleanly access the Canon menus, eg MENU and INFO etc.

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