Thursday, October 26, 2017

Update on Focus Bar

For those that are users of my Focus Bar script, you may be interested in the latest version.

The latest changes are directed at the UI and making the script more ‘integrated’ with ML.

The first change is that the focus bar will not work if the lens is incompatible with the script. Also, the script switches off the ML DoF reporting, ie all DoF feedback is via the script.

The next change is that the focus bar will not show on start up, ie when the ML console is running, but will start as soon as you start focusing.

Next, when you are focusing beyond the hyperfocal distance, ie when the script shows the various infinity blurs (defocus blur, diffraction blur and total blur), the script shows the near DoF for three blur criteria: using the infinity defocus blur, twice the infinity defocus blur and the DoF based on using the ML set defocus blur, ie accounting for diffraction - this allows you to make the final focus decision based on the best DoF estimates.

Next, if you over focus, ie focus distance is greater than (lens reported) infinity, the script will warn you.

Finally, although I wrote the Focus Bar script for my own use, I freely share it with others. Having said this, I would welcome knowing if anyone, other than me, uses the script ;-)

The updated script can be found on the right.

PS remember to set the correct sensor info for your camera in the script.

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