Saturday, June 4, 2016

New Script Link

As regular readers of my blog know, I have been putting a lot of effort into Magic Lantern Lua scripting, for example my auto bracketing script for focus, exposure and LE simulation, and my Toggler.

Until now, the only way the reader had to find the latest script version was to trawl through the pages of this blog and look for the final post that mentioned the script.

All that stops today :-)

All you need to do now is go the the link that is in the top right of the blog: "Latest versions of my Lua scripts". This will take you to my public GitHub Gist page where you will not only find the scripts for downloading, but you can look at all the edits I have made.

The Gist page is also a great way for the curious to look at the scripts, as there are various comments about the script embedded in the code.

As the ML team continue to develop the ML core, it is inevitable that the Lua module will change, thus potentially leading me to update my scripts. Also, as I think of new things I will announce this in the blog, but, from now, I will simply point the reader to my public Gist account via my blog.

For those that are new to using ML scripts, here is a short overview on their use:
  • Make sure you have the latest ML Nightly on your camera (Canon EOS only I'm afraid)
  • I recommend deleting or moving the Lua 'demo' scripts that come with ML. To do this simply delete those scripts, or move them out of the scripts folder, eg into the extras folder or another folder you create, or put a "_" in front of the script name (which tells ML not to load that script)
  • Go the ML Modules menu and enable the Lua module, and switch the camera on and off. Remember when using ML always wait a few seconds between switching on and off, ie until the status light has stopped flashing. If things do freeze up on you: don't panic, simply remove the battery, reinsert and retry.
  • Download my script(s) from my Gist page (Download ZIP) and place the script file into the ML scripts folder
  • Switch the camera on. If in LV you will see some ML status reporting, which you can ignore or use if there is an error being reported. You will not see this reporting unless you are in LV
  • Switch on LV and go to the ML SHOOT menu where you will see my Auto Bracketing and/or Toggler scripts
Finally, advanced 'warning' for you wide angle lens users, I've got some new gear coming that I'll be writing about as soon as I can :-)

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