Sunday, June 5, 2016

Finally a blue sky!

For the past week in the South of the UK, the weather has been awful: flat, white, boring skies! Today, things changed and we finally saw blue skies.

So tonight it was my first opportunity to try out a tweak I've made to my Auto Bracketing script, which allows you to take either a Dual-ISO, giving you about a 3Ev boost to the base exposure, or an Auto Exposure bracket set, after you have taken a long exposure bracket set.

The base exposure for the image below, of St Peters just up the road from where we live, was 0.3s, at F/11: taken with my 5D3 and a 12-24mm Sigma at 12mm. But I wanted to explore a long exposure of about 10s, to get some blurring in the skies.

With the Auto Bracketing script all I needed to do was dial in 10s, which indicated about 30 images would be taken, and I requested a Dual-ISO, so that I could ensure shadow capture.

The LE post processing was in LR/Enfuse and the Dual-ISO was processed in LR as well.

The Enfused image and the processed Dual-ISO were exported to Photoshop-CC and I used a few luminosity masks to blend the two images togther.

I've incorporated the tweak in the script, so feel free to download it from this page and have some fun.

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