Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sometimes detail and colour matters

In a previous post I talked about The Vyne, near Basingstoke. The beauty of The Vyne, and in fact any other National Trust property, is the chance to photograph detail.

Sometimes in an image you wish to differentiate between elements of an image by using selective focus; other times you want things tack sharp throughout the image. For instance, classically, one seeks out great depth of fields in landscapes, but ‘indoor landscapes’ can also be a challenge; especially when hand holding in a dark and old house like The Vyne.

The following is a RAW, hand-held image from my recent Vyne trip. The image was captured with my 24-105mm F/4L at 24mm and at 1/30s, F/5, using Magic Lantern at a dual ISO with a base 3200, ie not the ideal dual-ISO setting.

As for processing: I started, as usual, in Lightroom, by converting the dual-ISO to a 16-bit TIFF. This TIFF was then adjusted in LR for basic exposure balance and exported to Photoshop. In PS I corrected for WB using a neat little trick that I’ll talk about in a future post. I then used Piccure+ and ACLE to give the image a detail ‘punch’, because I simply wanted to ‘show off’ the detail in The Vyne’s ceiling.

As usual, I would welcome feedback on whether this level of detail is ‘justified’.

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