Sunday, June 7, 2015

Simply sharing an image of a beautiful creature

As I had a few minutes spare this weekend,  I thought I would revisit some of my Bosque Del Apache images, and in particular those where master falconer Matt Mitchell flew some of his wonderful birds for us.

If you have not tried taking images of flying birds of prey, then seek out a falconer and try your luck: you won’t regret it.

For me I was lucky to have Matt and his rescued  birds. Matt is a native New Mexican, and also an artist, drawing his inspiration for his hand carved fetishes from his early love of wildlife.  He has been a master falconer for the past 40 years along with breeding hawks and falcons for over 20 years.

This capture of one of Matt's Harris Hawks, with it's square close in crop, was taken with my Canon 5D3 with a 70-200mm F/4L lens.  I used a base ISO of 100 and a Magic Lantern Dual-ISO setting at 100/800, with an aperture set at F/9. The shutter speed was 1/1000s.

I simply hope, like me, you just enjoy the beauty that nature provides us.

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