Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Looking for another ‘tripod’ solution?

Like many photographers, I have too many bags and too many tripods: I estimate about eight tripods, although to be fair some of them are rather toy-like. So it should be no surprise when I tell you I just took delivery of my ninth ‘tripod’.

I say tripod, however, this is pushing the meaning a little. Nevertheless, I believe my latest ‘tripod’ is a great find and one I can recommend. It is the platypod pro from a company rather innovatively called: :-)

Here is a picture of the platypod pro, which is not supplied with a head. Rather than attempt to explain it here, if you go over to their site you can see a video of the product.

Like many I think it is one of the best travel ‘tripods’ I have tried. It is small, robust and adaptable. It is ideal those places that don’t allow tripods, ie it will just look like a small pouch. Once through ‘security’ you can quickly get out the platypod pro and use it non-intrusively wherever you wish. Even in use it is unintrusive and should therefore survive scrutiny.

It is usable on ‘any’ surface and is great for the floor. The following (usual) boring image of our kitchen, which I just took with my 5D3 and my 24-105 F/4L on the ptalypod pro, shows one use case, ie a tabletop ‘tripod’. BTW the image is focus stacked image of three images, taken with the aid of Magic Lantern’s Auto-ETTR and the diffraction corrected DoF feedback. The exposure was 1.6s at F11 and ISO 100.

Bottom line: the platypod pro is a great addition to any photographer’s growing collection of tripods :-)

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