Friday, July 25, 2014

Architectural Beauty

Many photographers have a natural affinity for landscape photography as it provides multiple layers of enjoyment, eg travelling, admiring a new vista, capturing the moment and then in post-production realizing your vision.
As a photographer who does not rush to capture a ‘mirror-image’ memory, ie a documentary record, I see the ‘data’ I capture in the camera as just that, data to be used in my digital ‘darkroom’.

Recently, I was therefore particularly fortunate to be allowed to photograph in a rather unusual landscape, ie an urban one. I will keep the location ‘secret’ for now, as I have only just started processing ‘the data’.

Due the nature of the buildings in the area, I have decided to process the data into two portfolios. The first will lean towards exploring the colour and angularity of the landscape; and the second will explore the landscape through black and white abstractions.

As is always the case with my post processing, I always ensure the data is mine, although not all the data is necessarily captured at the same time! I have said before, a single ‘raw’ photograph rarely captures feelings, it needs the maker to add something.

The image below is one of my first experiments in the colour and angles portfolio. I’m still searching for ‘the look’, but I feel that I’m on the right path. I would welcome feedback on this experimental image, as I’m sure there is more I can do with this rather unusual landscape.

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