Saturday, March 25, 2023

Infra Red Pano Test

In this short post I thought I would simply talk about a pano (test) image I just grabbed.

It was shot with my IR converted (720nm) Canon M10.

BTW I get all my conversions, and I have few, from Alan Burch at

The camera was running my Landscape Bracketing Script, which gives me feedback on infinity blur setting and the log-mode CHDK histogram I find is better at ETTRing than the linear Canon one.

I used the LBS script to set a base (handheld) auto-ETTR and adjusted the final exposure using the CHDK log histogram. The aperture was set to f/5.6.

I used my 617 CHDK aspect ratio (grid) to help me with my composition setting, which adds a black top and bottom bar.

In post I only used Lightroom, having first applied an IR profile, then adding a linear grad across the entire image and colour inverting this to achieve a blue sky. I then desaturated the foliage a little and toned the image to my liking.

I must say, with its tilting screen, the converted M10 is a great IR travel camera.

As usual I welcome any comments on this post or any of my posts.

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