Saturday, March 4, 2023

Field testing the 617 Stitching Camera

In the last post I discussed my poor man's Alpa 12 Pano set up, ie at a 50th of the price of the Alpa camera system, albeit not at the same quality ;-)

In this post I'll discuss how I took an image on a recent field trip.

In addition to the equipment discussed before, I also took my iPad with me (I don't have an iPhone) with the Viewfinder Preview App, which helps me survey the scene at the correct aspect, ie 617.

In addition, by taking an image of the scene in the App, I'm able to geo tag the location:

Having decided the composition and the choice of lens, ie 45mm in this case, I'll carry out an exposure survey across the 6 images, ie two rows of three, and set an ETTR exposure for the brightest image, at the aperture of choice, ie f/11 in this case. 

I set a two second delay (I could have used a wireless remote if the camera allowed this) and captured my bracket set.

After ingesting into Lightroom, I first pre processed the images in PureRAW II:

I then let Lightroom create the panorama, and straighten and cropped the image, to a 11546 x 4075 size in this case.

As you can see below my composition was a little out, so I missed the building on the right: a lesson for the future, ie check the left and right image extremes, and take a few steps back!

Finally, after a little bit of toning I ended up with the following pano (note I didn't bother cleaning up the image and cloning out the people ;-)):

As usual I welcome and comments or feedback on yhis post or any of my posts.

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