Monday, February 13, 2023

617 Panos: another take

In the last post I showed one capture workflow to arrive at a 65x24mm sensor image. In this short post I'll show another way:

  • Centre and level the composition and capture the central image at 0mm shift
  • Shift the lens to 12mm (assuming landscape orientation) and capture the 2nd image
  • Using the pano head, rotate the camera by 15 degrees and capture the 3rd image
  • Take the shift 12mm the other way and rotate the camera back to 0 degrees and capture the 4th image
  • Finally rotate the camera by 15 degrees the other way for the 5th image

After post processing as before, you end up with the following 617 image. This one at 12320x4348:

As usual I welcome any comments on this post or any of my posts.

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