Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Addendum to Fine Tuning QDFS

A quick post to say I've added in a menu option that helps you find the magnification value you need to bring Canon and QDFS reporting into alignment at your reference distance, ie around the hyperfocal.

Simply enable this in the QDFS menu and focus at the required distance, ie near/at the hyperfocal. 

To ensure you are correctly set, slowly move focus until the Canon lower reported distance (in the console) just changes.

Press SET.

You will then see the magnification to use in the lens registration function.

Repeat the above at the two focal length extremes if you have a zoom.

Once you have the magnifications you need, switch off the magnification option and adjust the script.

The QDFS download on the right has the tweak for the 11-22mm lens.

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