Saturday, February 6, 2021

MUSIC: Camera/user specific settings

A relatively minor tweak to MUSIC, that brings in the functionality to change a few settings on the fly. 

The 'home' menu in MUSIC, ie use case 1, now looks like this:

Here we see a new menu item, that only appears under the UC1 menu, that allow you to change a few settings, to reflect your camera and your user preferences.

If you elect to change, the menu switches to looking like this:

In this release of MUSIC you can now choose the long press time, for quick access (QA) to repeatedly running the selected use case. You still need to explicitly select the QA key in the script, ie to match your camera's buttons and de-conflict from your other 'trigger keys', ie for AETTR etc.

You can also set the ISOless trigger value, that gets used for handheld bracketing. The choices being ISO 800, 1600 or 3200.

For more information on choosing the right ISOless trigger point, a few good reads are:

Finally, as a safety feature, I personally value, MUSIC will switch off Dual-ISO, advanced bracketing and FRSP at camera start up, ie if they are on.

As usual I welcome any feedback on MUSIC or any of my posts.

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