Thursday, September 10, 2020

DOFIS: now helping the Landscape photographer even more

Magic Lantern is an incredible piece of software technology, giving Canon EOS photographers and videographers things that Canon 'forgot' ;-)

As mainly a landscape photographer, I personally find the following to be an essential part of my workflow:

  • Dual-ISO for those shutter sensitive high DR situations;
  • Auto exposure bracketing for all other high DR situations;
  • RAW-based Auto ETTR;
  • RAW-based Ev spotmeter;
  • Lua scripting, for taking ML beyond the base ML functionality, eg using DOFIS.

In the latest version of DOFIS I've added an option, under the semi auto focus mode, to drive the lens to the hyperfocal, well one lens focus step over the hyperfocal. You now have two options. 

Semi(dx) moves the lens to the next focus bracketing station, as long as you are focused at less than the hyperfocal; the final move being to the hyperfocal, ie ready for an additional, manually focused, infinity shot if you wish.

Semi(H) will move the lens to just beyond the hyperfocal, ie as near as the lens move resolution allows: the caveat being that the movement/position resolution towards infinity fails of sharply. 

Tip: dial in the ML CoC you wish to see as an infinity defocus blur, switch off diffraction aware in DOFIS, and use the Semi(H) option. You now have the ability to drive the lens to the infinity defocus blur that you wish.

Thus, for example, on my 5D3, where I use the RATE button as my DOFIS trigger button, all I need to do is push the RATE button and the lens will automatically move to the hyperfocal, irrespective of where it started. But as mentioned above, lens position resolution towards infinity means you will may not be able to achieve your desired outcome, especially for longer focal lengths. 

Once at the hyperfocal, you can then see what DOFIS is telling you about the near depth of field, and defocus, diffraction and total infinity blurs. Thus allowing you to decide what to do next, eg capture an image or refocus further towards infinity, ie for a higher focus quality (lower blur) at infinity, albeit at the cost of a reduced near depth of field.

This new feature is set in the DOFIS menu, under Auto Bracketing options.

As usual I welcome any feedback on DOFIS, especially from other users.

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