Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Close enough!

This short post is to draw a line under the current phase of my focus bracketing scripts.

Previously I spoke about the M3 version (download on the right) and in this post I cover  the non-M3 version, that I personally have tested on an S95, G1X, G5X and G7X.

The script ('Get Brackets" on the right) now seems pretty robust from a focus perspective, ie near to far. Also the exposure bracketing options will, hopefully, cover all needs. I personally use the Auto mode, ie expose for the shadows and let the script cover the highlights.

The test image below, shot at f/4, is a table top capture, where I focused just in front of the 50p coin. BTW a tip is to focus on the tip of a pencil or a key, where you wish to start the focusing. This is usually better than using the full focus range option, as this will result in many more images.

The script decided to capture 12 images, which included one at the hyperfocal and an infinity shot at three times the hyperfocal, ie at an infinity blur of 1/3 the CHDK CoC.

Finally, to illustrate how the script works, here is an animation from the Helicon Focus processing of the focus brackets, showing how the focus builds up through the scene.

As usual I welcome any feedback on this post.

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