Sunday, June 7, 2020

Hyperfocal Bracketing Simulator (HBS)

In the previous post I talked about two eClasses I have created, both accessible through the eClasses links on the right: Getting more out of Focus :-) and Getting even more out of Focus :-)

These two classes lay out the foundation of an integrated focusing methodology, for both tilted and non-tilted lenses, based on simply knowing the hyperfocal distance.

In addition, the classes show that you can calculate the hyperfocal in your head, using the Rule of Ten (RoT). No apps; no tables; just simple arithmetic, eg doubling or halving.

Each of these two classes includes a specific simulator, that allows you to explore the ideas presented in each class.

In this post I'm pleased to introduce a third simulator, specifically directed at helping you understand hyperfocal bracketing.

Access to HBS is from the link on the right: under eClasses.

The simulator has sufficient instruction built in, so I won't duplicate that here.

The simulator allows you to independently select your infinity shot and up to four hyperfocal brackets, ie at H/2, H/4, H/6, H/8 or H/3, H/5, H/7, H/9 according to whether you are using the Evens or Odds rule.

The simulator looks like this, where we see that diffraction is switched on; That we have an infinity shot at 2H and that we have two (evens) focus brackets to cover the near field, ie at H/2 and H/4.

As usual I welcome feedback on HBS, especially ideas to make it better.

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