Saturday, February 1, 2020

Wecome to the DOFI family

In the last month I've completely overhauled my Depth of Field scripts.

I have done this for two reasons. First, I've refined my use of output-based focusing, eg knowing the infinity blurs; and second, I've now ported these ideas from my EOS Magic Lantern cameras (5D3 and various EOSMs) , over to my CHDK Powershot cameras (G1X, G7X, G5X and S95).

My approach is to use my Depth of Field Information (DOFI) scripts to constantly tell me:
  • The optical, defocus blur at infinity in microns;
  • The diffraction blur through the scene in microns;
  • The total blur at infinity in microns;
  • An estimate of how many focus brackets will be required to seamlessly focus stack from the current position to the hyperfocal;
  • Where I am relative to the hyperfocal
  • Whether the current position has a positive or negative overlap with the last image captured.
More information on the Magic Lantern version of DOFI, simply called DOFI, can be found here:

More information on the CHDK version of DOFI, called DOFIC, may be found here:

The third member of the DOFI family is called DOFIZ, which adds exposure bracketing control to DOFIC. More information on DOFIZ may be found here:

The latest version of the scripts will always be available from the script download list on the right.

Bottom line: for those that want optimum focus, you likely will not do better than using either DOFI or DOFIC; and for the lucky Powershot photographers, DOFIZ gives you full control over your exposure bracketing, including as you are focus stacking. 

As usual, I welcome feedback on the DOFI scripts.

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