Saturday, November 17, 2018

Nothing in life is new

When I thought of the 'Rule of 10', I did a search on line to see if someone else had thought of the idea: but couldn't find any reference to the idea.

But, at the back of my mind, was the thought, surely someone had a similar idea?

Well, I finally found a reference, first published in 1890 in the Ilford Manual of Photography. Here is the page that talks of a similar idea to my 'Rule of 10': see Equation (13).

Despite me being over 120 years behind the times, I still think 'my' Rule of 10 is worth using.

Also, I've updated my DoF Bar. Download it from the link on the right.

The biggest addition is a 'Pro Mode'.

In pro mode when you are past the ML set hyperfocal, ie using blur info to select focus, and take an image, you will see two tick marks: above and below the bar.

The top (magenta) tick mark records the near DoF (sic) based on the blur that you were at when infinity focusing and captured an image.

The lower (magenta) tick shows the far DoF (sic) for the current focus.

Here is a screen capture showing the ticks.

Thus, in pro mode, you can decide to focus bracket using the standard DoF blur info (white dots) or the blur of the image you captured when infinity focusing.

Note when using this approach, obviously, take your first image at a point greater than the hyperfocal distance, ie beyond the green bar.

Finally, if you change focal length or aperture, the top bar will reset, ie ready for you to take a new image.

As usual I welcome feedback and suggestions on the script.

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