Saturday, May 12, 2018

EOSM Script Set

As readers of my blog will know, my EOSMs are my go to travel cameras: one for the visible and one for the infrared.

I believe the EOSM, with Magic Lantern, represents the ultimate travel set up. Add in a cage, see previous posts, and a good travel tripod; and you have a really lightweight and small footprint to carry around.

I have just re-tuned my basic scripts to be more compatible with the EOSM, respecting its rather limited button setup.

The scripts are available on the right as 1m through to 4m, ie:
  • 1m is the EOSM Toggler script, enabled via a 4+ second long screen press
  • 2m is the Focus Bar
  • 3m is Hand Held Helper script
  • 4m is the ND helper script
I recommend accessing the scripts via the Toggler, as well as accessing ETTR, Dual-ISO or Auto-Bracketing. That is, once you have your basic ML settings fixed, eg your ETTR and Dual-ISO settings, you will hardly ever need to access to the ML menu.

The usual caveat from me being, I don’t do video ;-)

As a test shot, I just took a four image focus stack in our drive, with the aid of the Focus Bar. The exposure was F/8, ISO 100, 1/50s at EOSM 11mm. Processed only in Lightroom and Helicon Focus.

Here are the four input images. I focused at the nearest point of interest and used the Focus Bar to decide where the optimum next focus position would be.

And here is the final image after a round trip from Lightroom to Helicon Focus.

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