Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The User Experience

I'm writing this short post in the spirit of passing on my humble learning, in order to help others trying to script in Magic Lantern's Lua.

Basically, scripting is all well and good,  ie getting the syntax and 'equations' right; however, a good script can be let down by a poor/weak User Interface (UI): which I think covers: usability and user experience.

Having now reached the 'script and maths' is right stage, I realized my two main scripts (The Focus Bar and The Toggler on the right) were letting themselves down with respect to their UI.

Of course I can only talk about this through my (old) eyes and how my brain works, but I was clear to me (pun intended) that the UI needed attention. For example, font size and font colours (foreground and background), plus message positioning.

I've therefore attempted to get a 'better' user experience and welcome any feedback on what I've tried to do.

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