Friday, August 4, 2017

EOSM Infrared Conversion Test

Finally the UK's weather changed today and I managed to get a test image with my 'new' Infrared converted EOSM. 

The conversion was done by Alan Burch at The service was great: personal, fast and reasonably priced. Based on my experience with Alan I can recommend him.

The test image is of one of our local churches. Here is the OOC image - the wind was blowing, so there is movement in some of the trees:

The image was captured at 11mm and an aperture of F/6.3. I used Magic Lantern to set the ETTR shutter at 1/100s. 

I choice the rather open aperture, as IR diffraction is more than in the visible region, by a factor of around 850/550, say about 50% more. I will be looking to see how far I can close down the aperture, to gain greater depth of field and get closer to the lens MTF sweet spot.

As for focus, I used my focus bar script and optimised the infinity focus, ie between the HFD and infinity.

I had already used the Adobe IR Profiler to create a custom profile for Lightroom. One that recovered the highlights via a linear gamma and reduced the red cast. This profile is my starting position for post processing.

I then used Lightroom and luminosity masks in Photoshop to get a reasonable look to the image: which is still a little 'muddy' for my taste, ie more post processing practicing required

This is the resultant image. From a camera that will now become part of my 'travel light' bag: together with its brother, the non-IR converted EOSM.


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