Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Continuing the focus on focusing!

By now readers of my blog will know that I've tried, using Magic Lantern, to ensure I get the best control over focus that I can.

We now know that using the hyperfocal distance is not (sic) the 'best' approach for those seeking to maximise focus IQ through the scene, ie from near to infinity. This is because, by definition, the focus at 'infinity' is only just acceptable, if you focus at the HFD.

If, on the other hand, you focus at infinity, as Harold Merklinger advocated in his writings, we end up with optimum focus at infinity, but the near field focus is then (potentially) lacking.

Obviously somewhere in between the HFD and infinity focus is where we need to be, and, of course, my focus bar allows you to decide where that trade exists. That is what infinity blur is right for you. You are in control, in real time.

Typically, for a full frame camera seeking out 'full depth of field' (high quality) focus, you need to be between a total (defocus and diffraction) blur of between 30 microns (OK for digital display) and, say, 15 microns, 'best' for high scrutiny prints.

BTW if you are still 'confused' by the HFD concept, then this video from Filmmaker IQ should help:

I recommend all the videos from Filmmaker IQ: this YouTube channel is a great learning resource, especially if you also like films.

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