Friday, May 19, 2017

Update to EOSM Toggler

Now I have the focus bar up and running, I needed to tweak the EOSM Toggler to ensure script-2-script compatibility in the UI.

The EOSM Togger was written specifically for the EOSM, ie this version is not a generic Toggler.

You can download the updated Toggler on the right.

The EOSM Toggler and focus bar look like this:

In the above screen dump we see the focus bar and the Toggler in its interactive mode, showing that the ML state currently selected (ready to change to) is AutoETTR. 

If you select this state (read the script's intro), then the Toggler will change the  ML Menus you have selected for that state and exit interactive mode. 

In interactive mode, you can go backwards and forwards through your Toggler states and have as many as you like.

The EOSM Toggler also works without the focus bar.

As usual I welcome feedback.

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