Sunday, March 19, 2017

First reflections from Iceland

It’s now about a month since my return from Iceland and although the trip was a little disappointing at one level, ie the weather, which was wet, cloudy and warm, rather than dry, snowy and cold; overall my Icelandic experience set me up for a return trip.

Because I wanted to be with like-minded people, I chose to use an Icelandic professional photographer called Daniel Bergmann (, who ran the trip with another professional called Peter Cox (

For me, the banter between Daniel and Peter, together with their sarcasm and wit, made up for the wet days. In addition, Daniel has one of the most impressive ‘buses’ you will ever ride in.

I plan to write more about my Iceland experience, so I restrict this post to simply saying to anyone who has not been to Iceland: go!

Before ending this post: what about an image. Well, as readers know, I use Magic Lantern a lot, as I find it helps me get ‘quality data’. To be clear, I’m not saying it helps me get great images: just the best quality (tonal) data you can get, eg RAW-based ETTR capture.

The image I’ve selected was taken at GPS coordinates: 64°2'15" N 16°11'23" W, at the Jökulsárlón Ice Beach. I know this because I was using my Bad Elf GPS tracker and my Camera’s time was synced to this. Here are a couple of images from the Lightroom Map module showing the shoot that day:

 Here is a RAW, ETTRed and Dual-ISO base capture after ingestion into Lightroom.

Pretty awful looking. However, after Dual-ISO processing and a bit of LR and Photoshop post processing the image looks like this: which, overall, I’m happy with.

Over the next month or so I’ll be writing more about Iceland, but for now I’ll end by simply saying:Megi allir ljóseindir þín að vera góðar

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