Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Auto Hyperfocal Distance

Things have been busy for a while and photography has suffered. Nevertheless, I did find time to create a small script that some may find of value.

All it does is provide an automatic way of moving the lens to the hyperfocal focus point.

The usual caveat applies, ie you need a Canon camera running Magic Lantern and the Lua module enabled.

In addition, the lens, which can be non-Canon, needs to report focus distance and be in AF mode. The camera also needs to be in Live View, and you should set the Depth of Field option in ML, ie put this in diffraction aware mode for best results.

The script can be downloaded from the link on the right.

To use, simply use the modified key sequence of your choice, in the script you download I use MENU and INFO keys, which work well on my 5D3.

The use the MENU key as normal, simply press the MENU key twice. 

The use the MENU key in the modified state, ie moving the lens to the HFD point, simply press MENU, followed by INFO.

As usual, I welcome any feedback.

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