Saturday, July 16, 2016

Auto Bracketing: Rev 4

This is a short post to say I'm releasing the 'final' beta of version 4 of my auto bracketing script.

In previous versions, you had the option of focus stacking from the focus point (FP) to either the HFD, the macro end of the lens, or the infinity end of the lens. 

In version 4 I've added the option to focus stack between two focus points (A/B).

To use the new functionality all you need to do is open the script's menu and in the focus bracketing sub-menu select SET-AB. Having selected this run the script, ie don't just leave the script.

In LV you then focus at the first point you wish to stack between (you can set A and B focus points in any order). When focused press the RATE button (this is the button I use on my 5D3, on other cameras you will need to change RATE to another button that is available on your camera), this will set the first focus point. Focus on the other focus extreme and press RATE again. Repeat this A/B process if you wish to, ie to change the focus extremes.

Return to the script's menu and in the focus bracketing sub-menu select the FP2FP option. Select other options as you wish, ie exposure bracketing options and bookend (a dark frame at the beginning and end of the focus/exposure stack).

The A/B points remain as long as the camera is not switched off, or the points are explicitly changed by running SET-AB again. This allows you to rerun the script in FP2FP mode and change the exposure without impacting the focus points you have set.

You can find version 4 on the right.

The usual caveats apply: the script works for me and my workflow, and on my 5D3: and, of course, I welcome feedback of any kind.


  1. Hi Gary

    This looks really interesting. I have a 6D, 7D and also an EOS-M so I will try and work out how to use the script and get back to you with any comments. I have a background in software testing and I am a keen photographer. Is there any other documentation or videos that explain how it works (or should I trawl the blog for information). Are you able to answer any queries I have?

    Cheers, Ross

    1. Ross

      The script won't work on the EOSM: at least not yet, as the EOSM cant be controlled yet by Lua.

      You must have ML and the Lua module running, of course.

      If you read the script you will find loads of comments to help you use it.

      It is pretty straight forward to use. I suggest you just try it out, eg start by just doing one thing, eg focus bracketing, then move on to multiple stacking, eg focus and exposure.

      When focus bracketing, select the use case, eg FP2HFD or FP2INF etc.

      Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions.