Monday, May 30, 2016

You can never have enough batteries

This is a short post as I'm off work today for the late spring bank holiday in the UK, which originally was the Monday after Pentecost. This is also known as Whitsun or Whit Monday here in the UK, or also known as Monday of the Holy Spirit. It was a moveable feast in the Christian calendar because it is determined by the date of Easter. BTW Whit Monday gets its English name from "Whitsunday", an English name for Pentecost, one of the three baptismal seasons. The origin of the name "Whit Sunday" is generally attributed to the white garments formerly worn by those newly baptized on this feast

The Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971, moved this bank holiday to the last Monday in May, following a trial period of this arrangement from 1965 to 1970.

As all photographers know, two things are guaranteed  to kill you in the field: full memory cards or flat batteries. 

Until now the only solution for a flat battery was to carry more batteries, whether you used one at a time or two in a battery grip: I personally own 6 for my 5D3 alone. 

The folks over at Tether Tools have come up with the Case Relay Camera Power System, which provides constant, uninterruptible power for your camera. 

All you need to do is connect the Case Relay EPS to an External Battery Pack, I had a few laying around already, and you’ll be able to shoot considerably longer than you would with your standard camera battery. For example, a 10,000 mAh external battery provides 3-10 times the power of most camera batteries. Need more power? Just hot swap in another power bank and continue shooting while never losing power to your camera. 

The system looks like this:

 I also bought a few extras to allow me to carry the battery pack on my tripod.

As a Magic Lantern shooter I bought the Case Relay system as I find myself making extensive use of Live View, which will drain your batteries. So far I'm impressed and I'll provide further reports in future posts.

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