Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Further explorations with IR

In previous posts I have talked about infra red photography, which for me means my EOS 50D converted camera. In this post I thought I would talk a little about the post processing.

The starting image is the usual horrible looking RAW capture; and if you looked at this image, you would think that there is no hope.

The first step is to get rid of the colour cast, using a DNG profile I created for use in Lightroom: giving this as my new starting image for post processing.

Following the colour cast correction, I made a round trip to Photoshop-CC and used a couple of tools:
  • SilverEfex Pro II to do the base conversion to B&W; 
  • Use of both TKAction and Lumenzia luminosity masking tools to bring out some localised tonal quality;
  • Use of Flaming Pear Flood to accentuate the reflections in the creek;
  • Finally returning to LR for some tweaks.
Arriving at this final image, taken in Canyon de Chelly and one of the natural arches: which I hope you enjoy.

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