Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Just keep on experimenting

As some know, we recently returned to the UK after some 8 years in the US.

For me, the real downside of our return has been the fact that all my photography equipment was ‘locked away’ in a 40ft container. That all changed a couple of weeks ago, when our US life turned up in the UK.

For those that can’t imagine a 40ft container: think some 400 boxes!

Anyway, now I have all my ‘stuff’, I decided to bring together two of my latest ‘toys’: the new WA macro lens and my new ColorRight Lumenator Pro, a flash diffuser and high output LED system:

In my experiment today I only used the LED element to bring some light onto the scene. I set the WA Macro to F/16, used ML to ‘grab’ my exposure at ISO 100, resulting in a 0.4s exposure.

Bottom line: for those who have not spotted the Lumenator Pro’s entry on to the market, I would recommend you give it a look. It seems to offer help to the macro photographer looking to ensure the right light falls on small and dark scenes.

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