Thursday, July 23, 2015

Further Advances in Luminosity Masking

In past posts I have spoken about the luminosity masking (LM) tools created by Tony Kuyper.

Tony’s latests effort, version 4, is, in my humble opinion, simply, the best and most powerful LM-based tool you can get.

As usual there is little value in me repeating what you can read on Tony’s site: so I’ll simply point you to his web site:

Bottom line: if you haven’t explored luminosity masking, then I recommend you have a look at the latest version of Tony’s Photoshop panel. If you already use luminosity masks, then you should also look at what Tony’s latest panel can do for your workflow.

These two images, the Magic Lantern Dual-ISO and Auto-ETTR image RAW and the final image, processed with the help of TK-Action V4, give you a feel of what is possible.

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  1. These images show a great power of Luminosity Masking..I have used it in Photoshop on win os, but now with mac I become aurora hdr user. Here is guide for LM